Hall of Fame

The National Beanie Hall of Fame recognises individuals who have significantly contributed to the on-going development of our festival. Adi Dunlop was our inaugural choice. It was she who first developed beanie fever and a vision of the festival. We thank her from the bottom of our beanies. There is an induction at the opening festival celebrations each year.

2016 Joanna Nixon

Jo is our chief beanieologist. Jo holds all the threads in her hands, and has done so since the first beanie landed on her doorstep. Jo’s home has been beanie headquarters for two decades and she has worked tirelessly for the festival and all that it stabds for. Thankyou Jo. We couldn’t have done it without you.

2015 Penny O’Neill

Penny O’Neill  is acknowledged for her prolific artrageous crochet designs, her hilarious crochet workshops, her inventiveness and her creativity. We love Penny’s art works, her lizards are unique as is her humour. Penny we love your work!

2014 Gay Epstein

Gay Epstein of Ashford Australia has contributed to the festival as a sponsor, as a workshop facilitator. She was the festival’s chair person for many years. Gay has exhibited many gorgeous competition pieces to the festival and has a hand in so many projects.Gay also introduced the festival to needle felting. Thank you Gay!

2013 Ernabella Arts In 2005 Ernabella arts centre manager Hilary Furlong drove a troopy of senior artists 500 km to the festival. The artists demonstrated traditional Pitjantjatjara spinning and crochet at the festival. These creative and resilient artists have contributed incredible spinning, crochet and felting to our exhibitions. Some of the artists have won awards in the competition. They have demonstrated their work for many years since, enthusiastic to share their culture, despite the press of crowds. We thank them all for their understanding of theimportance of sharing. 


 Inpiti Winton, Tjariya Stanley, Ninguta Edwards and Hilary Furlong



2012 Annie Farthing Annie is the icing on the cake. Annie’s unflagging work in the Tea House has made the festival world famous for slice, cakes, muffins and biscuits. We thank Annie for coordinating both the baking and serving teams at the teahouse. The festival’s morning teas are world class. 

2011 Merran Hughes Mez has been hanging the competition each year and documenting the festival since 1997. She set up the first competition and website in 1998, and haven’t we loved getting into the themes each year? Mez has worked every job over the years, but now she is mainly found doing publications and in the Araluen Galleries.


2010 Adi Dunlop We wonder how many thousands of beanies Adi Dunlop has made? No collection is complete without a Dunlop! Adi held the first beanie party and has been a cornerstone the development of the festival. We thank her for her artistry in the Beanie Central displays and her generosity in sharing her crochet tips. Adi is the original Beanie Queen.