Volunteer Overview

26th Alice Springs Festival will be on June 24-27 2022.

The 26th Beanie Festival be the best one ever! The theme will be Stitching Hearts

Please note all vollunteers must be fully vaccinated and show their certificates when registering.

Keep safe everyone

Much beanie love

Dear Beanie Lovers,

To be a volunteer at the Alice Springs Beanie Festival is to be part of the team that produces the world’s finest beanie celebration and (arguably) Australia’s favourite craft festival. So, from the bottom of my beanie, we ask you to consider volunteering at the next festival. As any who’ve experienced the event will tell you, it’s the volunteers who make this Festival (and it’s the volunteers who get the most out of it!). We simply couldn’t do it without you. To help you dive in, we’ve put together some information about what’s involved in volunteering.

There are many advantages, including being part of the team and exclusive entry to special events. While the great benefit for beanie makers in volunteering is that you are able to sell more than 10 beanies at Beanie Central (up to 50!). If you need more swing tags please order them here.

There is no need to register prior to the festival to volunteer. Registration opens on Wednesday June 22- Friday 24 June 10am-4pm at Araluen Arts Centre. Just come on down and our coordinators will help you sign on and get your name down on the roster. There are plenty of shifts to choose from - teashop, beanie minder, front door counter, back door sitter, gallery attendant, children’s corner, cakeshop, BBQ (especially love your husband in this job!!), set up pack up….plenty to do. There are active and sit down jobs…plenty for every ability.

We can use your help for set up (Wednesday June 22, Thursday June 23) and pack up on (Tuesday June 28)

Please note all vollunteers must be fully vaccinated and show their certificates when registering.

Read on for more information on Volunteer Events.. We hope you’ll join the fray and be part of the festival team in 2022.

Yours woolly
Chief Beanieologist Jo

2022 Volunteer Schedule

Volunteers Drinks Thursday 23 June 4,30 Araluen Free Welcome Drinks for all the volunteers. Come and meet the committee and all your fellow volunteers on Thursday night, hear stories about some of the workshops that have been held in the run up to the festival, learn about how the festival will unfold in the coming days, find out about the story behind the festival.

Volunteers Dinner Sun 26 June 6pm Gillen Club Free

The festival thanks you for being part of the festival, with a get together.

When you have completed at least five shifts during the Festival you will receive a complimentary voucher for dinner . You can also bring a friend or a partner who can eat for $12.00 per person (Sunday Roast Menu). Your friend/partner will also need a voucher that is only available from the Volunteer Tent. The Party starts at 6pm at the Gillen Club on Milner Road (5 minutes walk/2 minutes drive). Come and let your hair down, take your beanie off for a change, share your funny stories with fellow volunteers and the committee and maybe WIN some great prizes.

Monday Sharing crafts Whichettys Araluen 9am-10am

Vounteers invited to sell their other non beanie crafts - (fleeces, jumpers, socks, skirts, wraps, needles etc) for each other. Come in at 8.30 and set up a mini stall for all the other volunteers to come in and have a shop. Free.

Further information over at the Volunteer FAQs.