Volunteer Shifts

There’s a job for every one, every age, every level of physical capability, every gender and every skill level. You can sit, you can stand you can run around like a mad thing. You can do one shift or you can do hundreds. You can do them solo or you can bring a friend. We look forward to meeting you at the registration desk in person.

Please note all vollunteers must be fully vaccinated and show their certificates when registering.

2022 Schedule

Set Up: Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 June 10am-4pm

This team is crucial The work of the set up team will have visitors clutching their handkerchiefs to mouths at the visual splendour of the displays. Jobs include setting out beanie displays, setting up tea, coffee & cake area, merchandise, photocopying, tying, stuffing, poking and jiggling. Bring your friends along for this one as we need many sets of hands per shift and some are sit down jobs.

Opening Night Celebrations: Friday June 24 6-9pm This is our big opening and a special time to celebrate the beanies we love and adore!! This is a free night for all beanie lovers to enjoy, but we need volunteers to make it happen. Can you help set up, but better still pack down? Many hands make light work…..mainly moving chairs and tables.

Tea Shop There is much to be done in the teashop, which get busy at peak times. Jobs include; Washing dishes Heating and serving pumpkin soup, dahl and rice Making toasted cheese sandwiches Buttering bread rolls Making tea, coffee and milo Serving cakes and biscuits Collecting dirty crockery and keeping tables clean Set-up and pack-up of teashop At the time of filling in the roster please let the coordinator know if there are jobs you do not feel confident doing, or ones you would prefer (cake testing is Jo’s job and she won’t hand it over - so don’t ask!!) It is important OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY guidelines and food handing guidelines are read and understood prior to first shift on the teashop.

Barbeque Last year the BBQ was a huge success so we are looking for some black-belt-barbecuing-bodies to don their beanies and keep the masses fed and ready to take on their next workshop! This job involves cooking, serving, setting up and packing down. This is a great vantage point if you like to people watch and be outdoors. If you have an apron, please bring it with you. It is important OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY guidelines and food handing guidelines are read and understood prior to first shift on the BBQ stall.

Front Door Meet & Greet Important job this one; stand out the front and welcome people to the festival, hand out programs, encourage gold coin donations, count numbers through the door and note where visitors are from, encourage people to fill out the lucky door forms on their way out and keep an eye out for unpaid beanies bypassing the till. As we have grown we also need you to direct traffic in and out of beanie central, to the cash register and to and from the teashop, all with grace, patience and a smile or a laugh.

Gold coin donations help us keep the doors open each year and go towards venue hire, materials and equipment used to get the festival running. Each year our costs increase as our visitors increase. This year we are expecting over 10,000 visitors over the weekend.

Backdoor Minder A quiet job It involves sitting by the backdoor making sure no-one enters or exits (unless there’s an emergency). The minder is also watching for the unlikely event of theft (report to computer station if there are) and commenting on the odd beanie parade as the punters try on the 6,000 strong beanies. Do not leave your post unless someone is covering you.

Children’s Corner Calling all of our creative community. If you love kids and can remember how to finger knit, plait, make a pompom or God’s eye then this is the job for you. You will need to watch over the children in the wool pool and at the chess set, tidy the areas and try and contain the screaming and any silliness. We expect good behaviour from the children in order to keep them safe but we also want them to have fun.

Beanie Minder- Beanie Central This is an important job making sure that the beanies in Beanie Central are looking happy, hanging nicely and have their swing tags attached. Any tagless beanies or beanieless tags please take them to the computer station in the Witchetty Office (located in the back of Beanie Central) and help Tony find a match. As you wonder through watch the crowd, look out for any suspicious behaviour and report to the computer station if you see anything you don’t think is good for our beanies.

Gallery Attendant- Exhibition in the Galleries These very important people are responsible for the Competition Beanies. Competition Beanies can be tried on with assistance from the Gallery Attendant unless they have a red sold sticker on them, in which case DO NOT TOUCH. Beanies can be purchased now or any time until the exhibition closes. The Attendants ensure the displays look sensational and that competition beanies are replaced once tried on. There is a bit of sitting down however we strongly encourage you to chat with people about the beanies and walk around the gallery checking that all is above board. It is important to show the public how to purchase their beanies, vote for their favourite beanie, not to take photographs, and not to try on any beanies that have been sold. Any concerns about the beanies safety or behaviour in the Gallery see Box Office Staff, Araluen attendants or Volunteer Coordinator immediately.

Pack Up This is the crack team who moves in once the festivities are done and dusted. There is certainly much fun to be had; musing over the events of the festival, wondering why some things were sold and others not, finishing off unsold cakes! This team sorts and packs unsold beanies for return to makers, packs up displays, does a general tidy up and packs up the tea shop.

Thank you for your efforts and commitment.The festival cannot survive without your volunteering support.