Information for all Beanie Makers


The coming festival will be on June 23-26 2023. The theme will be A Traveller’s Celebrating 27 years of the Alice Springs Beanie Festival.

Time to get ready, download entry forms for Beanie Central and the National Beanie Competition and order swingtags to tag your beanies with…..can’t wait to see your creations!

Note last day to order swingtags is May1st to allow sufficient turn around and ensure beanies arrive in Alice Springs on time. It can take up to 3 weeks each way for mail to arrive.

Download Welcome Letter

Download Beanie Central Form

Download National Beanie Exhibition and Competition Forms

Order Swingtags for your beanies here

Beanie Central

Beanie Central is where over 6500 handmade beanies come together in one outrageous informal display in 2023. They hang from the ceilings and pile up on the tables. All beanies here must be for sale. The general public arrive en masse to see your works, try them on, fight each other for their favourite and walk away with armfuls of fabulous headgear! Beanies here range from the ‘boring bloke’s beanie’, children’s beanies to glamorous embroidered or felted sculptural pieces. You can also enter teacosies and hanks of handspun yarn.

Prices range from $5-$120 (you price your own work) You may enter up to 10 beanies (or a combination of beanies, teacosies and handspun yarn up to 10 in total) per person (unless you volunteer 10 hours of your time then you can enter 50 beanies).

If you can make it to the festival and Volunteer you may enter up to 50 beanies.

There is no entry fee, but we do take a 30% commission from the price you put on your beanie. You need to fill out an entry form, and place individual Beanie Central swing-tags (which we will post to you) on each beanie. Beanies need to be in Alice Springs by 28 May 2023.

Please read the entry forms closely.

National Beanie Exhibition and Competition - A Traveller’s Tale

Each year a theme is chosen and we encourage beanie makers to be inspired by the theme. These beanies must be original pieces and artistically presented. These beanies are formally exhibited in one of Araluen Art Centre’s major Galleries and are hung on individual stands or plinths to highlight each work. Everyone is encouraged to have a go and let their imagination go wild, explore different textiles and techniques.

All the beanies entered are judged in the competition, according to category. The winners receive a cash prize and handmade trophy.
Beanie Makers may enter 1 or 2 beanies (at least 1 of the beanies must be for sale). We also accept teacosies.
There is an entry fee per beanie and a 50% commission taken from the sale price if the beanie sells.
Beanies must have individual swing tags and entry forms and must be received by the end of May. Winners are announced on this website and on Facebook. Please read entry forms closely.