Winning Beanie Results

2010 A Head Full of Love

In 2010 we celebrated the beanie’s ability to ascribe to a head full of love, warmth and joy.  Our textile techniques- knitting, crochet, felting, weaving are easy to learn and difficult to master. Amazing levels of technical skill were developed and ideas came alive. The ordinary beanie became extraordinary.

The possibilities of creative fibre were tested and the love of family, friends, lovers, home, country, animals was celebrated.

Another amazing year at the festival. The organisers were humbled by the zest and interest of all who participated. A big thankyou to the sustained commitment of our volunteers. Brilliant work everyone!

1 Natural Fibres Beanie
For a fabulous beanie made from of love of natural fibres, incorporating a great idea and skill
Winner Gum Tree Dreaming’ by Letitia Johns Special Mention ‘Trekking the Gumnut’ by Jill Jodrell

 2 The Loveliest Madcap Prize
 A festive beanie that invites interaction and fun
Winner ‘Wild Thing’ by Louise Thackery Special Mention ‘Under Ones Sun’ by Megan Jack

3 The Lovely Layering
Embroider, scrumble, bead, dye, weave: use a mix of techniques
Winner ‘I love chocolates’ by Penny O’Neill Special Mention ‘Heart on a Stick’ by Ulla Melchiorsa

4 Love of the Land
Explores our love of the ranges, the bush, the sea, the desert.
Winner ‘Four Birds’ by Stacy Peterson Special Mention ‘Beach Seashells’ by Mirridong Disability Services, SE Gippsland

5 The Champion LOVE 
Make a beanie that expresses your Love
Winner My Passionate Hearts’ by Joan Price Special Mention Young Love’ by Melinda Birkins

6 Loveliest Animal Beanie
Animals, birds, reptiles, insects and strange invertebrates all welcome.
Winner ‘Bird and Flowers’ by Kitty Richards Special Mention ‘Love my Dogs’ by Lisa Waller

7 The Eileen Bladon Tea- Cosy Prize
Tea- Cosies are sister objects to the beanie.
Winner ‘Lovely Pot of Tea’ Sue Estlick, Perth Special Mention “Green Tree Frog’ Jeanette Marsden, Muwillimbah

8 Ashford Australia Prize for Best Hand-felted Beanie
Including wet felting, needle felting or knit and felt techniques. 
Dream Catcher’ by Stephanie Wake Special Mention: Winner ‘Life is a …’ by Betty Camevaar

9 The Central Australian 
Prize for an outstanding piece of work made by a local Centralian artist.
Winner ‘Percy Cat’ by Allina Mathews Special Mention ‘Little Pink Bird’ by Ungakine Tjangala, Ernabella Arts Inc

10 Festival Committee Acquisition Prize

 For wonderful and unusual work.
Bliss Beanie’ by Sidni Monre Special Mention 
Flying Fish’ by Life Without Barriers Day Program, Alice Springs

11 The Robbie Beard Handspun Prize
Prize for a work made with yarn handspun by the artist.
Winner ‘Sulphur Crest’ by Joan Stanley Special Mention ‘Kookaburra Dreaming’ by Miriam Elke

12 New Wave Beanie Encouragement Prize
For a school-aged beginner beanie maker.
‘Ship…’ by Rafiki Bursle Special Mention ‘Raptuous Rafia’ by Heath Lines

13 New Wave Beanie Prize
For a school-aged advanced beanie maker.
Winner ‘The Winged Aviator’ by Emma Bruce Special Mention ‘Cup of Love’ by Paula Vinci

14 People’s Prize 
The favourite beanie of 2010. Voting will be carried out during the Festival.

Judged by Allison Hittman, Henry Smith, Suzi Lyons, Cphe Rawnsley

Beanie Competition and Exhibition:

Gallery One, Araluen Centre, Alice Springs Cultural Precinct, Larapinta Drive, Alice Springs.

Open: Friday 25 June 2010 at 7pm. Open daily. Closes Sunday July 25th 2010.