Winning Beanie Results

2011 In our Element - Earth Wind Fire and Water

In 2011 we used the beanie to celebrate the Elements: Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. Our textile artists utilised many mediums and techniques from weaving and felting to crochet and knitting. Ideas have come alive. Gallery One is where the ordinary beanie became extraordinary. Our creative fibre has been tested. The natural world celebrated and explored by the class of 2011.

The exhibition focused on work made at Mutijulu and Docker River- thank you to the artists for their contribution. Work came from across Australia. Also from New Zealand, Holland, Belarus, Japan to name a few. Many thanks to all those whose work traveled to us in Alice. Open until Sunday July 17 2011, Araluen Galleries.

Competition Results

1 Natural Fibres Beanie
For a fabulous beanie made from of love of natural fibres, incorporating a great idea and skill.
Winner: ‘Winter Wind’ Llewena Newell, Coffin Bay
Special Mention: “Earth Wind Fire Water’ Trish Castillo, Wyndham

2 The Water Beanie- A beanie that encompasses our watery ways.
Winner: ‘Water Sprite’, Margaret Perkins, Melbourne
Special Mention: ‘Turtle Lagoon’, Caroline Alexander

3 The Wind Beanie
The beanie that explores the wind in our hair and the wind of the world.
Winner: ‘I’m Your Fan’ Lisa Waller, Ballarat
Special Mention: ‘Park Lane’ Claire Craig, Maroochydore

4 The Earth Beanie
Explores our love of the ranges, the bush, the desert our relationship with the earth.
Winner: ‘Scorched Earth’ Raewyn Penrose, NZ
Special Mention: ‘Good Earth’ Val Bonny

5 The Fire Beanie
Explore the fire in your belly and the fire in our world.
Winner: ‘Phoenix Rising’ Adele Kenny, Elizabeth SA (below left)
Special Mention: ‘Vesuvius’ Bernie, Alice Springs (below right)   

6 The Champion Elements Beanie
Make a beanie that expresses our relationship with all the elements, earth, wind, fire and water.
Winner: ‘Mother Earth With New Breath’ Meggan Jack, Northern Rivers (below left)
Special Mention: The Elements, Maria Schneider, Hackham-West, SA (below right)

7 The Eileen Bladon Tea- Cosy Prize
Tea- Cosies are sister objects to the beanie.
Winner: ‘Tea for 2 or Drink of Love’ Liudmila Abramova, Belorus (below left)
Special Mention: ‘Pelican’ Fay Butt, Perth (below right)

8 Ashford Australia Prize for Best Hand-felted Beanie
Including wet felting, needle felting or knit and felt techniques
Winner: ‘Volcanic Ash’ Val Pascall Horsham Victoria
Special Mention: ‘Fire’ Vianne Sleypen, Holland

9 The Central Australian
Prize for an outstanding piece of work made by a local Centralian artist.
Winner: ‘Fire’ Isobel Major Papunya
Special Mention: ‘PayBack’ Charlotte Phillips , Papunya

10 Festival Committee Acquisition Prize
For wonderful and unusual work
Winner: Lasseter and Tjunti Cave Maureen Watson Docker River

11 The Robbie Beard Handspun Prize
Prize for a work made with yarn handspun by the artist.
Winner: ‘Echidna Calling’ Myra Males Bargo NSW
Special Mention: ‘Wrapt’ Glenda Chatterton Buckenderra

12 New Wave Beanie Encouragement Prize
For a school-aged beginner beanie maker.
Winner: ‘Ocean Views’ Jackson Taylor Evans, 6 years
Special Mention: ‘Ratty Pom Pom’, Jessy Mitchell Alice 11 years

13 New Wave Beanie Prize
For a school-aged advanced beanie maker.
Winner: ‘In My Garden’ Kyah Gillen, Alice 12 years old.
Special Mention: ‘Rise and Shine’ Michelle Paul, Sydney 17 years

14 People’s Choice
The favourite beanie of 2011. Lisa Waller’s ‘I’m Your Fan’
Sincere thanks to our judges Brian Tucker, Rob Milne, Franca Barraclough, Marg Bowman

Prizes include a bundle of yarns from Cleckheaton and a handmade trophy.

$300 Centralian Advocate Cash Prize.
For the People’s Choice winner.

The Ashford Australia Felting Prize.
A beautiful bundle of fleeces.

Beanie Competition and Exhibition
Gallery One, Araluen Centre, Alice Springs Cultural Precinct, Larapinta Drive, Alice Springs.
Open from Friday June 24- Sunday July 17 2011