Winning Beanie Results

2014 Out of this World

2014 National Beanie Competition Winners

The Stellar Star People’s Choice of 2014
Winner: Nancy Hall, Planet Pantomime, Alice Springs
Other favourites include Doris Madden’s Alien Attraction Alf & Evie, pictured above, and Kris Malenski and Sharon Maher.

1 Celestial Bodies
Winner: Heavens Above – Carrie Jacobi, Newcastle NSW
Special Mention: Solar Flare – Joan Stanley, Coffin Bay, SA
Carrie’s remarkable work took out the prize. The main body of the beanie is the sun. The planets rotate around it on a pinwheel

2 Outer Space
Winner: Alien – Julie Brennan, Moruya, NSW
Special Mention: Alien Attraction Alf & Evie – Dorris Madden, Warnambool, Vic
Julie Brennan’s piece was pure alien and highly sculptural.

3 Planet Earth Beanie
Winner: Terrestrial Gnosis – Jane Flower, WA
Special Mention: Emu – Rhonda Williams, Willuna, WA
Terrestrial Gnosis – Jane Flower, WA
Emu – Rhonda Williams, Willuna, WA.

4 Earth friendly beanie
Winner: Stripey Mukata – Tjaria Stanley, Ernabella, SA
Special Mention: Crystalalien, Penny O’Neill, Monee Ponds, Vic

5 The Eileen Bladon Tea-Cosy Prize
Winner: Bush Cuppa – Marilyn Hunter, Alice Springs NT (see below)
Special Mention: Saturn – Fay Butt, WA

6 The Central Australian Prize
Winner: Untitled – Sharelle, Nyrripi, NT
Special Mention: Untitled - Vina Gallagher, Nyrripi NT

7 Ashfords Prize for Best Hand-felted Beanie
Winner: Is Anybody Out There – Andrea Veihelmann, Germany
Special Mention: Yacka Surprise – Shirley Jones, Elizabeth, SA

8 The Stitching Prize
Winner: Let me bring you down to Earth – Shaz Harrison-Williams, Tasmania
Special Mention: Coral Brain – Alli Symons, Millswood SA9 Kids Prize

9 Kids Prize
Winner: Starchild –Clamarose Basso, Alice Springs NT
Special Mention: Ruby’s Stripes - Ruby Kelly, Garden Island Creek, Tas

10 Youth Prize
Winner: Untitled – Martin Roberts, Fregon, SA
Special Mention: Intergalactic Fantasy – Alexander Bruer, School of the Air

11 The Alice Springs Beanie Festival Acquisition Prize
Winner: ET Holding the Moon the planets are swinging– Stacy Peterson, Willuna, WA (pictured below)
Special Mention: Green Alien Beanie – Debbie Peterson, Tantawanglo, Candelo, NSW

Many thanks to our judges who engaged with the work for many hours in order to bring us the winners of 2014.

The Festival Program included exhibitions, Craft Workshops, live entertainment, scrumptious food and the opportunity to meet and experience the Indigenous people of remote Central Australia through workshops, demonstrations, art and genuine bushtucker (yes, kangaroo tail is on the menu!).

A highlight in the Alice Springs calendar, the Beanie Festival is the perfect reason to Plan A Trip to the Red Centre and explore this rich, divine part of the world.

Our mission is to offer all the people of the world the opportunity to engage in the arts. You don’t have to make it to the Beanie Festival to be a part of the Alice Springs Beanie Loving Community. You can become a Beanie Maker, a Volunteer, Support Us or be a proud wearer of an original Alice Springs Beanie Festival Beanie from anywhere around the globe.

We are a Not-For-Profit Organisation.  Our inspiration is providing support and opportunites for the remote Indigenous people of Central Australia through Indigenous Beanie Making Programs and attending the Festival.

We also assist others in need. Through a variety of organisations we provide free beanies to the old, the young, the disadvantaged and those living with cancer.

Needles clicking! Felters Swishing!

All beanies and entries must be received before Monday 26 May. Beanie makers, time is running short!   its time to complete this years entries and get them in the post. Ensure you have the correct swing tags tied very securely. Remember, this is our best way of identifying the beanies! Beanie buyers love details and embellishment so finish off everything with care. We hope you have had fun with this years themes and by the look of the work coming in, its going to be another great festival ! We look forward to seeing as many of you in person as possible!…

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Countdown! 18th Alice Springs Beanie Festival

The Alice Springs Beanie Festival is almost here. We’re counting down to celebrate our 18th year. From Friday June 20th to the 23rd, we’ll be revelling in the joy of the beanie, with more wonderful creations than ever before. We’re putting the final touches to the National Beanie Exhibition “Out of this World” and down in Beanie Central there will be over 6000 handmade beanies from around the globe. In the build up to this years festival, we’ve travelled far and wide to make this the best beanie weekend yet. From the Canberra National Folk Festival to remote indigenous communities in South Australia and Central Australia, we continue to grow our community of crafty, inspired people and our collection of the world’s finest headwear. Actually, it’s “Out of this World”! Along with connecting and supporting beanie makers from around the world, the purpose of the festival is to create social and economic outcomes for remote Indigenous People from Central Australia. This gives the festival a strong cross cultural presence, as can be experienced in the special beanies depicting traditional Indigenous stories. “It’s a feast for the eyes, head and heart to experience such a quirky and iconic festival,” says Chief Beanieologist, Jason Quin, “the competition beanies this year are extraordinary, there are aliens, space helmets, orbiting planets and celebrations of our own magnificent environment.” Beanie ma volunteers from around Australia will be making their way to the Red Centre as we kick off the festival opening night party with music, entertainment, awards and of course, your first look at this year’s competition. Over the following 3 days, there will be workshops, indigenous demonstrations, fine and scrumptious food - including the chance to try traditionally cooked roo tail and damper, and thousands of beanies to try, buy and brighten your world. “lime to come and get “Out of this World” with us. Furthation contact Jason Q…

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