Winning Beanie Results


Opposites Attract 2015 Beanie Festival Competition

From contrast and reconciliation to difference and distance, the 2015 exhibition celebrated how different  forces balance and weave communities into the social fabric that binds us all. Our artists looked at Australian extremes, from the sea to the desert, fire and water. In 2015 we explored human nature, our relationship to the environment and the forces that bring us together.

The exhibition was open Friday 19 June 2015 - 12 July 2015.

Peoples’ Choice 2015
Crocodylus, Deborah Petersen, Candelo, NSW 

1 Opposites Attract Prize
For a beanie that draws together unusual ideas, items, colours or facts and makes something special. What can you bring together? Science and Art? Soft sculpture and robotics
Winner: Minymakutjuta- Heather Douglas- Titjikala
Special Mention: Above and Below- Kate Holland, Bibra Lake WA   

2 Extreme Conditions Prize
For a beanie that expresses the extremes of the Australian landscape.
The deserts and the tropics, the city and the bush, bush fire and flood
Winner: Mud Cracks - Val Hornibrook – Capel WA
Special Mention: Nannalith - Margy Alexander Alice Springs

3 The Stark Contrasts Prize
For a wonderful beanie that contrasts colours, tones, patterns, textures or shapes
Winner: The Day of the Dead - Alli Symons, South Australia
Special Mention: Unlikely Mix -  Joan Price, Victoria

4 Reconciliation Prize
For a beanie that expresses an aspect or story of cultural reconciliation and friendship. In honour of Mrs Haggie
Winner: Gugaa Beanie- made by the Djaadjawan dancers NSW
Special Mention: Women’s Meeting Place -  Punni Brown, Papunya

5 Beanie Doubles Prize
For a beanie with more than one use. Can yours double as a puppet or a musical instrument? Reversible
Winner: Fibres Unite - Trish Castello, NSW
Special Mention: Come Play with me - Marilyn Hunter, Alice Springs

6 The Central Australian Prize for a local maker
For an outstanding beanie made by a local artist.
Winner: Green Hairy Wrepia - Marissa Thompson, Ernabella
Special Mention: The Finke Desert Race - Patricia Malbunka, Titjikala

7 The Best Hand-felted Prize
The Ashford Prize for a wonderful work created using dry, wet, or knit and felt techniques.
Winner: The Yurt - Home and a Hat - Lorraine McArthur, WA
Special Mention:  Underground Maku – Renee Douglas, Titjikala

8 The Eileen Bladon Tea Cosy Prize
To be awarded to the most glorious tea-cozy that incorporates contrasts, extremes, or attracting opposites of some kind.
Winner: The Whirling Dervish - Jude Mapleson, Alice Springs
Special Mention:  Flowers in Bloom -  Beatrice Millis, Northcote VIC

9 Kids Prize
For a beanie made by an artist 11 and under.
Winner : Town Bore Family – Lechleitner Kids, Papunya
Special Mention: Osofit Atrack – Archie Bayes, age 3, Nimbin

10 Youth Prize
For a beanie made by an artist 12-19 years
Winne: Our house, Home fire burning - Harold Jurrah, age 14, Papunya
Special Mention: Fire and Sunset – Stephanie Smith, Fregon

11 The Alice Springs Beanie Festival Acquisition Prize
Winner: Dusky - Tamika Gunson, Adelaide South Australia, 10 years old.
Special Mention: Light and dark- Sangit Tafelmaier, Yungaburra QLD

12 Homegrown Prize
An award to celebrate handspun yarn, the use of homegrown and collected materials. In memory of Robbie Beard, an irrepressible champion of spinning
Winner: The Owl and the Pussy cat – Allina Matthews, Alice Springs, NT
Special Mention: Leah Cato, age 12, Alice Springs, NT

13 Recycling Prize
For a beanie made with recycled materials and/or the spirit of environmental sustainability at its heart ( reduce, reuse and recycle ).
Winne: Old to New - Sandy Soul, South Australia
Special Mention: Love and War, Penny O’Neill, VIC

Sarah Brown, Leo Ortega, Hannah Nungarrayi Trindorfer, Brian Tucker

The People’s Choice is a hotly contested prize and there were many stand out pieces in the exhibition this year. Here are a couple of other beanies that were clear favourites in the 2015 show.

Renate Kirkpatrick’s beautiful work inspires us year after year. Doris Madden’s swash buckling work. Doris is another brilliant textile artist.
Truly a feast for the senses, the festival long weekend had something for everyone. The opening night brought a carnival atmosphere to the Araluen Arts Centre, blending music, dance, food and art. Throughout the weekend, workshops offered opportunities to share in the creativity and diversity of textile arts and crafts. Crowds enjoyed the beanie chase to find the perfect beanie  in Beanie Central. Our souls were warmed with cross-cultural experiences: weaving workshops, eating kangaroo tail and just having a yarn.

Since 1997, the Alice Springs Beanie Festival has been creating opportunities for Indigenous women from remote communities to develop their talents and share their designs and stories.